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How do I view the results?

You are able to see your query's results one of two ways:

1. The results are emailed to you immediately to the email set in your account.
2. The results are stored within the application and can be viewed at any time by visiting view search queries and clicking on the appropriate query's keywords.

How many results are stored?

The application will store up to 10 results for viewing on view search queries. If there are already 10 results stored and a new result is found, the oldest result is removed and the newest result is added.

How are the results ordered?

The results are ordered from the newest to the oldest listed.

Why are the prices in other currencies slightly off?

Converting currencies is tricky because their values can be constantly changing. Unfortunately, this can lead to slight discrepancies between what the site reports as the price and what is displayed on eBay. It should never be off by a significant amount though so you can be confident in the prices shown to you.