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How do I monitor a query?

The monitor page is extremely similar to the Add Search Query page. For more information about the various options, please see the search query FAQ.

After crafting your search query, you can begin the monitoring by clicking Start Monitoring button. Once this button is clicked, your search query will be performed every five seconds and results will be displayed in the results section underneath the search query.

When the query is being monitored, the button will change to read Stop Monitoring. If you wish to stop searching and receiving new results, click this button. Additionally, you are also able to clear the found results by click on the Clear Results button. This will remove all of the items currently listed in the Results area.

You are able to monitor a query even if the page is not active on the screen. In order to see results wherever you are, you can check the Receive Desktop Notifications option. This will then create a notification containing the details about the results found and allow you to access the item on eBay directly from the notification. Please note that notifications do not work on mobile devices currently.

Can I save a monitored query?

At this time, you are unable to save a monitored query. However, you are able to monitor a saved search query from the view search queries page by choosing a query and then clicking the Monitor button.

How often is the monitored query searched?

Monitored queries are searched every five seconds.

Why aren't desktop notifications working?

If notifications are not working correctly, please confirm that you have allowed the page to provide notifications to you and that you are not on a mobile device.